True Clean Towel - Know Where Your Towel Has Been

  • The Cleanest Towel Out There
  • Available in 3 great colors
  • The best gift for $20 you can buy
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Feel Cleaner

Step out of the shower and have the confidence of knowing that you are drying your freshly cleaned face with a section of the towel which has not been used to dry 'other' places. Reusing towels makes sense, so why not be smarter and healthier about how you use your towel.

It's Big

The towel is bath sheet sized, 54" feet tall by 27" wide, and will ensure a cozy, comfortable feeling when you step out of the shower. Don't spend time worrying if the towel will dry you completely, it does.

Top Quality

The True-Clean Towel is 100% heavy weight cotton with a luxurious feel, but without the luxury price tag. Our patented design is woven into the towel to ensure that you will stay truly clean for years. And since the design won't wash out, it will stand up to a lifetime of washing.

Save Money and Face

The power of knowing your face is clean means you will feel comfortable washing your towels less, saving water and money. No store bought towel can give you that confidence!