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About The True Clean Towel

A New Take on an Old Product

A New Take on an Old Product

Our idea was based on a very simple premise, knowing where your towel was used the day before. In a perfect world, we would be using a fresh towel everyday. But, we all know that this it is just not possible. Most people use a towel for a few days, some people use it a lot longer than that. So we thought, how can we improve upon an invention that has not changed since it’s inception.
A Simple and Effective Towel Design Solution

A Simple and Effective Design Solution

Using an icon everyone is familiar with gives our product the benefit of being easy to identify and understand. It’s design is internationally understood and totally unique. When grabbing for your towel, we knew that it had to be quick and easy to figure out which side is up. This is how our design was born.
The True Clean Towel Saves You Time, Money and The Environment

Saves Time, Money and The Environment

The True Clean Towel provides the peace of mind to let you wash your towel less, saving energy and water. Plus, you will feel better knowing that you are using the cleanest possible area of the towel to dry your face. This means less bacteria and dirt will make it to your freshly cleaned face.